European Rail Summit 2016

The invitation-only European Rail Summit offers a unique forum, bringing together senior political figures from the European institutions and representatives from both railway operators and suppliers. By facilitating high-level discussions and ensuring substantive content, the Summit will help to shape the continent’s railway sector and ensure that essential business objectives are recognised in future policy.

At the same time, Europe’s railways are part of a global industry, and future EU policy must enable both operators and suppliers to seize the opportunities being opened up by the globalisation of world trade. The Summit will therefore include guest speakers from outside Europe to offer a wider perspective on the challenges of the international railway market.

While much of the rail business is still managed at a national level, railway legislation and regulation is increasingly taking on a European dimension, with fundamental principles being debated and agreed in Brussels. However, much of this debate is undertaken at a political level, with little input reflecting the business perspective.

If rail is to contribute to meeting the European Union’s long-term objectives for the transport sector, including more competitive, efficient and cost-effective movement of people and goods, lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact, it will be essential to ensure that the sector is properly structured on a sound commercial footing. As well as reflecting operational practicalities and financing structures, this must ensure that any social benefits are properly identified and compensated. Collaborative research and development will help to contribute to meeting these objectives.

Attendance at the Summit will be by invitation only, however the proceedings will be live web-streamed so that other delegates can participate in the event online. Register now for free.

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