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1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling

26.03.2018 - 28.03.2018 in Milano

Following on from the 12th ERTMS World Conference held in in Brussels in February 2016 the 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling will be hosted by FS Group at the MiCo Congress Centre in Milano.

Under the theme 'The Evolution of ERTMS', the conference will address a range of topics related to Signalling, Traffic Management and Radio Communications, with a special focus on a number of emerging 'game changers'.

  • Session 1 will look at the challenges for financing ERTMS installation, the main strategies that have been adopted worldwide and new opportunities;
  • Session 2 will consider the status of ERTMS today, reviewing 20 years' experience of tendering, contract management, certification and authorisation processes, operation and training;
  • Session 3 will consider the EU regulatory context and the leadership role of European Institutions for ERTMS in Europe, compared to the opportunities for CCS development & deployment in other regions of the world with different legal requirements;
  • Session 4 will consider the integration of ATO & ATS integration to optimise train running and manage congested nodes;
  • Session 5 - will review progress with the Future Railway Mobile Radio Communication System, including the master plan, results so far and the next steps to define, test and introduce a successor to GSM-R;
  • Session 6 - will consider the synergy between Level 3 and satellites , looking towards the adoption of global standards and a open formal approach for development, testing, and validation;
  • Session 7 will discuss issues surrounding safety and cybersecurity, including the latest research and techniques adopted.

Technical visits will include the high speed line control centres in Milano and Bologna.