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Chinese firm invests in UK equipment supplier

26 Jan 2012

UK: Changzhou Evergreen Transport Technology and RAM Active Media have formed a 70:30 joint venture to take over TrainFX, a supplier of rolling stock systems including passenger information, CCTV, communications, energy metering and condition monitoring technology.

Phil Campbell, Managing Director of TrainFX, said the Derby-based firm would benefit from the Chinese group's global supply chain and customer base, and gain 'the financial and organisational support on which to continue to grow the business'.

Stephen Ollier, European Director of CETT, said acquiring TrainFX was another step in expanding the Chinese group's capabilities in Europe.

'We already have significant experience in the manufacture of complete railway vehicle interiors', he said. 'We have added seat supply through the licensing agreement with Primarius and now we have added world class railway technology with TrainFX. The combination of European project management and engineering capability coupled to the low-cost manufacturing capability of China allows CETEC and TrainFX to offer highly competitive solutions for train operators in Europe and across the world.'