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Compendium on ERTMS

Author: Prof. Winter et al.
European Rail Traffic Management System
Layout: 260 pages, Hardcover
Format: 17 cm x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7771-0396-9
48.00 EUR Quantity

Brief description

Development · Status quo · Forecast

ERTMS development started in 1989 in the context of plans for a European high-speed railway network. In its 20th year there are no more doubts about the key role of ERTMS for the revitalisation of the European railways. 

This new standard work gives an introduction to ERTMS and an overview of the current status, including the consolidation which will follow the formal adoption of new baselines for the ETCS and GSM-R specifications.

This compendium offers a complete guide to the complex ERTMS concept, giving an overview on all relevant sub-projects. Its aim is to assist the work of all parties and people engaged in the wider roll-out of ERTMS for the benefit of safe, efficient and sustainable rail transport.