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Railway Signalling & Interlocking

Layout: 448 pages, Hardcover
Format: 17 cm x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7771-0394-5
58.00 EUR Quantity

Brief description

Railway signalling is one of the few technical fields which are still mainly oriented nationally. However, the international aspect becomes more and more important. The purpose of this book is to give a summary and comparison of railway signalling and interlocking methods at the international level.

The contents cover the whole range of signalling equipment and methodology. They include:

- basics of safety
- operational basics of signalling
- principles of interlocking
- technical interlocking and block systems
- systems for centralised operational control
- shunting control systems
- movable track elements such as points
- detection
- signals
- train protection systems
- level crossings
- hazard alert systems

The book follows a generic approach and sets out the basic principles, giving the reader a better understanding of the solutions applied in different countries. It is intended for experienced railway signalling experts and railway operators, as well as for students who want to extend their signalling knowledge to an international level. More than 20 authors from universities and practitioners from various countries have contributed, and much literature has been used to gain the information.

The authors have also discussed the topics of the book widely, to develop an international understanding. The result is a book which records the principles and the present situation on railway signalling throughout the world.