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For the Manufacture and Supply of Railbound Vehicle with Rail Surface Defects Elimination System

Organisation: Israel Railways
Location: Israel
Deadline: 27 Feb 2018
Web site:
Ref: Tender No. 41706

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Tender No. 41706


For the Manufacture and Supply of Railbound Vehicle with Rail Surface Defects Elimination System (“Tender”)


Israel Railways Ltd. (“ISR”), in accordance with its obligations under the Israeli Mandatory Tender Laws and its implementing regulations and the International

Agreement on Government Procurement, wishes to obtain bids for: The Manufacture and Supply of Railbound Vehicle with Rail Surface Defects Elimination System (“Tender”)

1. Participant shall comply with the Prerequisites as further detailed in the Tender Documents available for review at ISR's website fromDecember 24th, 2017, at the following address:

2. Submission of a Bid in the Tender is subject to payment (non-refundable) of a participation fee in the amount of fifteen thousand New Israeli Shekels (15,000 NIS), (including VAT) (the "Participation Fee"), from December 24th, 2017 whether:

2.1 by credit card at ISR's (the interface at ISR's website with respect to the Tender Documents is currently in Hebrew only).

2.2 by payment voucher, available daily between 09:00-15:00) except Fridays and Jewish or national holidays) at the following address: Israel Railways Ltd., Procurement & Contracting Division, 1 Yoseftal Street, Lod, Israel. Vouchers shall be paid in a bank only (excluding the postal bank), by cash only. However, vouchers paid in the bank in which the payer has an account may be paid by check.

2.3 It is hereby clarified that (i) the above amount shall not be refunded under any circumstances; and (ii) ISR shall not be responsible in the event that payment cannot be performed by credit card at ISR's website prior to the Submission Date for any reason whatsoever.

3. Any Request for Clarifications should be addressed in writing only to Ms. Anat Regev, International Procurement Coordinator, no later thanJanuary 11th, 2018, by e-mail: Bidders shall be responsible for verifying receipt by ISR of Requests for Clarification.

4. All proposals must be submitted no later than February 27th, 2018 by 13:00 (Israel time), in three (3) separate envelopes, which shall read "Tender No. 41706", into Tender Box No. 8, all as specified in the Tender Documents, at the address detailed in section 2.2 above.

5. ISR shall be entitled to postpone the deadline at its sole discretion.

6. The Tender Documents and notices regarding ISR tenders are also published on the internet at In case of discrepancy between any of the following: the terms of the Tender published in this publication, any of the publications on the internet and the Tender Documents, the Tender Documents shall prevail.

7. Bidders are advised to check ISR's website for updates during the Tender process and before submitting proposals.