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Greater Wellington Rail Limited call for expression of interest for Ganz Mavag Electrical Multiple Units

Organisation: Greater Wellington Rail Limited (GWRL)
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Deadline: 08 Feb 2018
Web site:
Ref: Expression of Interest

In 2013, Greater Wellington Rail Limited (GWRL), called for expressions of interest for purchase or disposal by scrapping of the Ganz Mavag Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs) and subsequently vehicles were sold and some were shipped off-shore.

Due to the time lapse since we last approached the market, GWRL, is now seeking updated information from parties interested in the purchase or disposal by scrapping of the remaining 26 Ganz Mavag EMUs and 10 containers of associated spare parts. GWRL’s preference is to sell or dispose of the vehicles and spare parts as a bulk lot (ie, not as individual units or parts). GWRL’s preference is to sell the remaining 26 Ganz Mavag EMU’s and parts; however, scrapping is also a viable option.


RFI responses provided to GWRL will be used to inform our approach to selling or disposal of the remaining 26 Ganz Mavag EMUs and spare parts. We expect to be able to update respondents of our intended approach at the conclusion of our RFI, expected to be in late February 2018. Please be aware that this RFI does not indicate a commitment by GWRL to any particular course of action.

Your response to this RFI also acts as an expression of interest to either purchase or dispose of the 26 Ganz Mavag EMU’s and spare parts, however, respondents may in addition be required to follow any subsequent tender or procurement process that may take place. By submitting a response to this RFI, you confirm that that you are comfortable for GWRL to seek additional information from your contact person (outlined in your response) if further due diligence is required to proceed.



The 1500 V DC Ganz Mavag EMUs were purchased new to operate on the Wellington Electrified Network (gauge 1067mm) in 1982 – 1983. The vehicles were phased out of passenger revenue service from 2013 and the fleet was fully retired in May 2016.

The remaining 26 Ganz Mavag EMUs are in stored at three locations in the Wellington Rail Network

×          7 in Wellington rail stabling yards;

×          16 at the KiwiRail workshops in Woburn; and

×          3 in Upper Hutt railway Station sidings.

The 10 containers of spare parts are located in Seaview.

Until the time of retirement these vehicles were maintained at a standard for passenger service. The vehicles may be suitable:

×          for operating as EMUs on a 1500 V DC electrical system,

×          to be used as hauled carriages; or

×          for scrapping.


Condition of the vehicles

The Vehicles were retired in an operational condition and have had no servicing or mechanical work since retirement.

Since going into storage some vehicles have sustained some superficial damage due to vandalism, the worst of these are the 3 located in Upper Hutt which have had all windows broken and removed.

For more detailed information on the Ganz vehicle and spare parts, please refer to the “Brief Description of the Fleet” set out in Appendix 1 of this letter.

It is important to note that the Ganz Mavag vehicles contain an anti-drumming compound which has been sprayed on the inside of the metal skin in order to reduce noise. This compound contains elements of asbestos; an independent identification report of asbestos type is attached in Appendix 2 of this letter.

Interested organisations intending to respond to this RFI who wish to view the vehicles and spare parts can advise GWRL (see contact details below) and we will coordinate a site visit to one or more of the storage locations.


How to respond

If you are interested in either purchase or disposal (by scrapping) of the Ganz Mavag vehicles and spares, or have any questions please:

Request a Response Form from Hamish Burns on Hamish.Burns(at) 

Return a completed copy of Attachment 3 to before 5 pm, Thursday 8 of February, 2018.