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MTA Long Island Rail Road Request for Proposal

Organisation: MTA
Location: United States of America
Deadline: 10 Jan 2018
Web site:
Ref: 8524






The Long Island Rail Road Company (“LIRR”), hereby solicits Phase I – Prequalification Proposals from firms for the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of a minimum of 60 and up to 160 M-9A Married-Pair Cars (A Car/B Car), structured as a Base Order with Options, together with certain Apparatus including, but not limited to, spare parts, special tools, and bench test equipment. Further, as part of this procurement, LIRR also intends to include priced options for additional M-9A Cars, which may increase the total quantity of M-9A cars beyond the 160 Cars mentioned above.

In this Phase I of the procurement, LIRR is soliciting Proposals utilizing a competitively negotiated RFP process. Phase I will consist of (a) a Responsibility review of the Proposer, which will include, among other items, consideration of the Proposer’s skill, integrity, and financial capacity to perform the work and (b) a comprehensive review of the Proposer’s technical and organizational expertise including past relative experience.  LIRR will also conduct the same review of any Subcontractor upon which the Proposer intends to rely for its Phase I – Prequalification.

To enhance competition, the LIRR is encouraging experienced Carbuilders that have not previously provided commuter electric rail cars for LIRR to participate in this procurement. In this regard, the Phase I - Prequalification RFP does not require a Carbuilder to have prior experience in designing and furnishing a U.S. commuter rail FRA compliant car. However, potential Proposers should note that although U.S. commuter rail experience is not mandatory, Carbuilders must still have adequate experience dealing with key technical issues such as those related to FRA crash worthiness and vigorous reliability, maintainability, warranty and quality requirements. Carbuilders with such experience are encouraged to participate in Phase I of the procurement by submitting a Phase I - Prequalification Proposal. 

A Proposer that is deemed Qualified in this Phase I–Prequalification (or conditionally Qualified), as determined in the sole discretion of the LIRR, will be invited to submit a Phase II – Price and Technical Proposal during Phase II of this procurement.

A Proposer that is deemed conditionally Qualified will be invited to submit a Phase II – Price and Technical Proposal, but will be required to validate in Phase II, by documentation or otherwise and to the satisfaction of the LIRR, that they can meet any requirement set forth Phase I–Prequalification RFP, LIRR reserves the right to deem a Proposer conditionally Qualified in its sole discretion

Responses to this RFP are not offers and will not be accepted by the LIRR to form a binding contract.  Responses to this advertisement shall not constitute proposals.  LIRR, in its sole discretion, reserves the right, without liability, to modify and/or withdraw any solicitation at any time without explanation, and/or to modify any requirements contained in this RFP. 

All interested proposers may obtain a copy of the RFP package by contacting Ms. Maura Kelly via e-mail at no later than December 15, 2017.

Interested proposers should submit their Proposals in this Phase I – Prequalification RFP process no later than January 10, 2018.  Only those transit vehicle manufacturers listed on FTA’s eligible TVMs list, or that have submitted a goal methodology to FTA that has been approved or has not been disapproved, at the time of solicitation are eligible to bid.