This ABB Best Practice series will assess how technologies in traction energy supply can enhance the efficiency of a high speed railway. As a case study, the discussion will showcase the innovations that UK Power Network Services will deliver to support the operation of the High Speed 1 link between London and the Channel Tunnel, to deliver a future proof, less carbon-intensive railway.  
On demand version now available

On demand version now available 

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This interactive webcast will also ask where and how other infrastructure managers around the world can benefit from the next level of network visualisation focusing on predictive technologies, health indices of assets and related services. Asset managers can learn how to avoid unexpected outages and unplanned maintenance. 

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Key Topics:

Real Business Transformations: Key factors for network operators to ensure power supplies are running in the most efficient and cost effective way

Decarbonisation: Specific challenges in balancing and maintaining better power supply grids for high performance railways

Better maintenance and operation of networks through critical KPIs that drive a consistent passenger experience

The  role emerging technologies play in increasing the efficiency of the power network without compromising railway performance

Maximising opportunity while minimising risk for digitised and networked power grids for rail companies around the world

The principles underpinning best practice in IoT and cybersecurity In today’s web first world,

Delivering value:  ensuring financial benefits can be clearly showcased across your business.

Moderator: Nick Kingsley, Managing Editor, Railway Gazette International