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    Metro Report International

    Keeping up with ticketing technology


    As transport ticketing technology moves ahead at a rapid pace, what are the similarities and differences in cities around the world?

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    KPMG predicts better use of information and more M&A activity in 2017


    The changing market means business as usual will not be an option for UK transport and logistics operators in 2017, according to James Stamp, UK Head of Transport at KPMG. The international professional service group predicts that the UK market will be affected by a number of factors this year.

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    A boost for Russian trams?


    The federal subsidy programme for Russian tram and trolleybus manufacturers is coming to an end. But how much of an effect has it had? The end of 2016 marks the end of a 1bn rouble project to support the Russian tram and trolleybus manufacturing sector that took effect in ...

  • 'The Metro of the Future' interactive debate is now available to watch again.
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    Towards the Metro of the Future


    RGTV: Automation, costs and reliability will be touchstones of metro development over the next 15 to 20 years, according to the panellists convened by the Railway Gazette Group for our latest interactive live debate. bp Entitled ‘The Metro of the Future’, the debate addressed a number of topics that are ...