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Locomotives and rolling stock at InnoTrans 2012

Vehicles to be displayed at the InnoTrans rail industry trade fair in Berlin from September 18-21 2012. Railway Gazette International is the only official international media partner for InnoTrans 2012, and in association with Eurailpress and DVV Media will be publishing InnoTrans Daily, bringing you the latest InnoTrans news during the event.

Add your own photos of the show to our InnoTrans 2012 Flickr group.

The final line-up may change. The pictures are for illustrative purposes only, and may not represent the actual vehicles on show in Berlin.






Alstom Transport tram-train Citadis Dualis G1/4
Alstom Transport EMU Coradia Nordic G3/20
AnsaldoBreda high speed train V300 ZEFIRO / Frecciarossa 1000 (mock-up) FB/15
Astra Rail wagon Tank wagon 87ยท3m3 G1/7
Astra Vagone tram Imperio FA/2
Ateliers d'Orval wagon   G1/5
BDZ PP EOOD coach 8444 PubTrans4All G10/30
Bombardier Transportation high speed train V300 ZEFIRO / Frecciarossa 1000 (mock-up) FB/15
Bombardier Transportation metro Spacium G9/20
Bombardier Transportation EMU ET 430 (Stuttgart S-Bahn) G8/20
Bombardier Transportation tram Flexity 2 G10/20
Bombardier Transportation locomotive Traxx F140 AC with 'Last Mile' diesel engine G10/20
Bombardier Transportation locomotive Traxx F140 DE Multi-Engine G10/20
Bombardier Transportation tram Flexity Classic G8/20
CZ Loko locomotive Class 744.0 shunter G4/2
DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung coach DB Showtrain-Science-Express G2/30
DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung DMU VT 642 hybrid G1/30
DB Systemtechnik DMU VT 612 G2/31
Durmazlar Makina tram SilkWorm G4/3
Duro Dakovic Specijalna vozila wagon   G4/8
Eurailscout road-rail Road-rail vehicles G9/30
Express Service locomotive MDD 4-01 shunter G3/40
Express Service locomotive Battery-electric shunter F3/40
France Elevateur Deutschland on-track plant 4'AXE three-way catenary installation vehicle G1/40
GE Transportation locomotive PowerHaul European profile GE Transportation PowerHaul locomotive G4/10
Greenbrier Europe Wagony Swidnica wagon Zacns tank for liquid anhydrous hydrogen flouride G1/6
HF Wiebe coach Passenger car BCM G4/41
HF Wiebe locomotive Steam locomotive 'Emma' G4/42
HeiterBlick tram GTZ8-B Vamos FC/38
Hilton Kommunal on-track plant Road-rail rail cleaning vehicle G1/42
Hilton Kommunal on-track plant Road-rail inspection vehicle G1/42
Knorr-Bremse metro Berlin S-Bahn bogie FA/1
Legios wagon   G3/31
Legios wagon   G3/32
Linsinger Maschinenbau on-track plant Rail milling train SF06-FFS Plus G1/11-12
Lohr Industrie wagon Modalohr FC/30
Loko Trans wagon Lgnrrss flat wagon G9/31
Mercedes-Benz - Produktionsbereich Sonderfahrzeuge on-track plant Unimog G4/12
Mitsui Rail Capital Europe locomotive Eurosprinter ES64F4 G1/2
Newag tram 126N G4/5
Newag EMU   G5/30
Newag locomotive ZNLE G4/31
ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn EMU Stadler KISS G8/30
Pesa Bydgoszcz DMU LINK G4/4
Pesa Bydgoszcz locomotive GAMA G4/9
Pesa Bydgoszcz tram Twist G3/30
RailAdventure coach domecar G4/30
RailAdventure locomotive   G4/30
Robel on-track plant Mobile Maintenance System G10/31
SAZ on-track plant road-rail vehicle G2/41
Schweerbau on-track plant D-Hob 2500 multiple motion planer G4/33
SBB EMU DPZ Plus G7/20
SBB locomotive Re420 G7/30
Siemens metro Inspiro (Warszawa) G1/3
Siemens EMU Desiro RUS G1/20
Siemens coach Sleeping car (Russian Railways) G1/20
Siemens locomotive Vectron AC G2/20
Siemens locomotive Vectron DC G2/20
Siemens locomotive Vectron Diesel G2/21
Skoda Transportation tram ForCity (Riga) FA/3
Skoda Transportation locomotive 109 E2 G4/6
Skoda Transportation EMU RegioPanter G5/20
Solaris Bus & Coach tram Tramino G1/8
Stadler Rail tram Tango DT8.12 (Stuttgart) G4/1
Stadler Rail EMU Flirt (Leo Express) G6/20
Stadler Rail EMU KISS double-deck EMU (BLS) (see also ODEG) G6/30
Stadler Rail locomotive BUTLER Eem 923 electro-diesel shunter (SBB) G6/30
SVI SpA on-track plant   G2/40
SVI SpA on-track plant Excavator G2/40
SVI SpA on-track plant CRT 330 road-rail vehicle G2/40
Patentes Talgo high speed train AVRIL G1/1
Tatravagonka AS Poprad wagon TAGNPPS G4/7
Tatravagonka AS Poprad wagon SGGNSS 80' G7/31
Tatravagonka AS Poprad wagon T 3000 G7/31
TVEMA on-track plant LDM-1 Road-Rail NDT Inspection Mobile Laboratory G3/33
TVEMA on-track plant Sprut geometry/NDT inspection G3/33
TVEMA on-track plant SKAT single-thread ultrasonic NDT analysers G3/33
TVEMA on-track plant PT-9 track geometry inspection bogies G3/33
UNAC on-track plant X6 road-rail vehicle FA/27
UNAC on-track plant 22TRR road-rail vehicle FA/27
UNAC on-track plant 20TRR road-rail vehicle FA/27
UNAC on-track plant 8TRR road-rail vehicle FA/27
Uromac on-track plant H-Rail road-rail vehicle FA/29
Uromac on-track plant Lacertis road-rail vehicle FA/29
Voith Turbo locomotive Gravita 15 L G4/11
Vossloh Locomotives tram-train Tramlink F4/13
Vossloh Locomotives locomotive EuroLight G1/13
Vossloh Locomotives locomotive G6 G1/13
Vossloh Locomotives locomotive EURO 5000 G4/13
Vossloh Locomotives locomotive G6 Multi Engine G4/13
Vossloh Locomotives on-track plant Highspeed Grinding 2 FA/21
Vossloh Locomotives locomotive DE12 FA/21
Windhoff Bahn und Anlagentechnik on-track plant Road-rail G1/32
Windhoff Bahn und Anlagentechnik locomotive Diesel G1/32
Windhoff Bahn und Anlagentechnik locomotive ZRW 64 shunter G1/32
Zephir locomotive 13.18 G1/31
Zephir on-track plant Crab Evo road-rail vehicle G1/31
Zephir on-track plant Crab 1500E road-rail vehicle G1/31
ZOS Vrutky coach Ampeer G4/20
ZOS Vrutky DMU 861 G2/22
Zweiweg International on-track plant Road-rail FC/31
G Zwiehoff on-track plant Road-rail G1/41
G Zwiehoff on-track plant ROTRAC RR24 G1/41
G Zwiehoff on-track plant ROTRAC E2 G1/41
G Zwiehoff on-track plant ROTRAC E4 G1/41