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Inotec offers high-end EMI/RFI shielding full-metal interconnections for communications, control and signalling.

The original Inotec crimp flange technology provides 360° cable-shield contact with maximum strain relief, twist lock and easy field assembly. Best performance is ensure by cable-specific crimp data definitions.

Inotec connectors for BUS-systems are available for D-sub interfaces in fieldbus systems like CAN or MVB/WTB or as A- and D-coded M12 connectors for fieldbus or Ethernet; our unique, reliable and easy-to-handle coding system is optional.

For EN60603-2 (DIN 41 612) 19”-racks, Inotec has developed the MSF-series – a complete interface combining safe assembly and robustness with highest EMC performance.



  • Traction & Control
  • Control
    • Electronic components