Network Rail owns and maintains the infrastructure and stations of Britain’s railways. It provides track access for passenger and freight operators, timetables their movements and operates the signalling. It is a company limited by guarantee, with members instead of shareholders; it is run on commercial lines but any operating surplus is reinvested in the rail network. In September 2019 it reorganised its management, with its five regions sub-divided into 14 operational routes.

7th Floor
1 Eversholt Street
London NW1 2DN
+44 20 7557 8000

Company size

No. of employees:
1435 mm
15 811 km
3 393 km - 25 kV 50 Hz
1 995 km - 750 V DC, 3rd-rail (some 630 V DC)
21 km - dual system 25kV AC/ 750V DC 3rd-rail
19 km - 1·5 kV, DC (for Tyne & Wear Metro from Pelaw to Sunderland)
6 km - 750 V DC overhead (for Sheffield Supertram tram-trains to Rotherham Central)
Rolling stock
8 Diesel locomotives
1,650 Works & service wagons
105 DMU cars
1 Diesel high-speed trainset (track recording unit)