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Rail-based mobility and transport – a global growth area.

Developments in both passenger transport (light rail, metro rail, regional and high-speed transport) and freight transport (cargo and heavy-haul rail) are speeding up appreciably.

The main priority is profitable and, most importantly, extremely safe rail transport. Processing freight transport as quickly, precisely, and reliably as possible is also important to trade and industry. Our Railtec technologies do just that.

Schenck Process provides support for many areas of Railtec.

From wheel diagnosis at track speed and precise weighing of entire train sets during motion to servicing and maintenance: We offer the right solutions and products to help you make rail-based transport processes safe, economical, and automatic.






  • Rolling stock
  • Overhaul/workshops
    • Tools/Equipment/Diagnostics
  • Rolling Stock Components
  • Freight
    • Loading/discharge systems
  • Traction & Control
  • Control
    • Train management systems
    • Control equipment
  • Data & Information Systems
  • Data Systems
    • Diagnostic/warning systems
    • Data transmission
    • Train control & scheduling
    • Management information