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    Tunnelling technology at InnoTrans 2016


    INNOTRANS: A dedicated Tunnel Construction area will once again feature at InnoTrans 2016, showcasing underground communication, fire protection and security technologies as well as tunnel construction products. Companies including Herrenknecht, Talleres Zitrón, Pöyry and Niedax have booked places, and will be displaying new tunnelling equipment. Swiss tunnel cleaning firm ...

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    Travel catering and comfort services at InnoTrans 2016


    INNOTRANS: The ‘feel good’ factor is becoming increasingly important wherever there is competition for new passengers, and this will be reflected in the expansion of Travel Catering & Comfort Services within the rolling stock Interiors section of InnoTrans 2016. InnoTrans organiser Messe Berlin says exhibitor numbers in the Travel Catering ...

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    InnoTrans 2016 to introduce Conference Corner


    INNOTRANS: InnoTrans 2016 will see the launch of a Conference Corner, enabling exhibitors, associations and transport companies to hold lectures and present papers on the last day of the fair and the following weekend. The programme will include the Maglev 2016 conference, to be organised by International Maglevboard and ...

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    Special Wheels for Mass Transit


    Book review.

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    Borcad supplying Genio seats


    CZECH REPUBLIC: Unveiled earlier this year, Borcad’s Genio seat is intended for both regional and inter-city applications. Derived from the manufacturer’s previous Regio+ model, Genio is being fitted to the Siemens Desiro Cityjet EMUs for ÖBB and the Škoda-built NIM Express trainsets for DB Regio, which use both the first ...

  • Demonstration high speed train cab assembled from aluminium foam components.

    Building a train from a foam sandwich


    FRAUNHOFER: The Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools & Forming Technology has produced a demonstration high speed train cab assembled from aluminium foam components, to highlight the potential applications of the strong but lightweight material. The aluminium foam material comprises a metal sandwich, with top and bottom external layers separated by ...

  • The prototype self-propelled wagon was displayed at InnoTrans 2014.

    Self-propelled wagon prototype


    CROATIA: A self-propelled wagon fitted with a 55 kW diesel generator and hydraulic transmission giving it the ability to move around worksites at up to 100 km/h under remote control has been developed by RZV Čakovec and partners. The prototype has two ballast hoppers which can be hydraulically tipped in ...

  • InnoTrans 2014 attracted 138 872 attendees from more than 100 countries over the four days (Photo: Rolf Schulten).

    InnoTrans 2014: the railway world in one place


    InnoTrans 2014 attracted a record 138 872 attendees from more than 100 countries

  • High-capacity sliding-wall wagon.

    High-capacity wagons for Volkswagen's inbound logistics


    EUROPE: Following successful trials with two prototypes, this month leasing company Touax Rail is to supply Volkswagen with the first series-built vehicles from an order for 300 high-capacity sliding-wall wagons. Volkswagen Logistics awarded Touax a contract in October 2013 for the development and lease of 300 twin-axle wagons, which were ...

  • Model of a Vossloh/MAPNA G1206-IR locomotive.

    MAPNA to build diesel locos under licence


    IRAN: Vossloh and MAPNA Group have reached a ‘long-term partnership’ agreement for the German firm’s G1206 four-axle multi-purpose diesel locomotive to be produced under licence in Iran. Imminent changes to European regulations will preclude future deliveries of the G1206 to customers in the EU, but Vossloh believes the design is ...

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    InnoTrans Daily 2014


    Railway Gazette has once again produced the InnoTrans Daily on behalf of Messe Berlin, in association with Eurailpress and DVV Media Group. A pdf of each issue of this free newspaper, featuring coverage of the show highlights in both English and German, can be viewed by clicking the links below: ...

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    InnoTrans 2014: Friday


    2 758 exhibitors from 55 countries, and 139 000 visitors in four days.

  • Captrain CEO Henrik Würdemann joined Vossloh’s Hans Schabert and Thomas Schwichtenberg at the handover of the 100th G6

    Vossloh hands over 100th G6 locomotive


    INNOTRANS: Handing over its 100th Type G6 shunting locomotive, Vossloh’s CEO Hans Schabert announced that the company expects to be able to deliver locomotives within six months from next year. To this end, he announced that Vossloh is building a new locomotive factory at Kiel-Suchsdorf, which will enable the ...

  • Patentes Talgo has unveiled a proposal for suburban and regional trainsets.

    Suburban Talgo train design proposal


    INNOTRANS: Patentes Talgo has unveiled a proposal for suburban and regional trainsets based on the Talgo concept of short, lightweight cars with independent wheels . The proposed train has a Bo’2’2’2’Bo wheel arrangement and would be suitable for 1 435, 1 520 or 1 668 mm ...

  • The system has been fitted to a mock-up of a GT46C-Ace Generation II cab at InnoTrans.

    Seeing Machines to be tested on EMD locomotives


    INNOTRANS: Seeing Machines announced an agreement for its driver fatigue and distraction monitoring technology to be tested on Electro-Motive Diesel locomotives on September 24. This is designed to intervene in the event of a driver experiencing ‘microsleep’ or being distracted. The technology is used on large mining vehicles supplied ...

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    InnoTrans 2014: Thursday


    InnoTrans 2014, day three.

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    Pushing the buttons at InnoTrans


    INNOTRANS: Captron is displaying a range of train door activation buttons which are designed to function despite the worst that the railway environment can throw at them, including vandalism and bad weather. The door buttons use capacitive sensors rather than mechanical switches, which Head of Business Development Mathias Krostewitz ...

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    Artesyn launches ControlSafe safety-critical computing platform


    INNOTRANS: First-time exhibitor Artesyn Embedded Technologies is using InnoTrans to announce its ControlSafe fail-safe computer platform for signalling, control and other critical applications. ControlSafe draws on more than 30 years of experience in supplying safety-critical technology for the rail, aviation, off-shore and other industries. ControlSafe comprises two industrial computers ...

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    InnoTrans 2014: Wednesday


    InnoTrans 2014, day two.

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    RENFE to order 30 high speed trainsets


    SPAIN: Development Minister Ana Pastor announced at the opening of InnoTrans on September 23 that national operator RENFE would order 30 more high speed trains over the next four years. Orders for a further 10 gauge-convertible trainsets would also be placed, she said. Pastor assured the Spanish railway supply industry ...