Interactive live debates

Our interactive live debates bring together a panel of experts from different parts of the rail sector to discuss the core topics and respond to viewers’ questions submitted in advance or in real time. Each debate is free to watch, once you have registered. Registered viewers can submit comments and questions to the panel in real time. The recorded debates are available to watch ‘On Demand’, including all comments and interactions, after the live broadcast.

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Securing a digital railway - Sponsored by Nokia

Digitisation of main line and urban railways is gathering pace as policymakers push operators and infrastructure managers to enhance the capacity and efficiency of their networks. But with the widespread adoption of networked tools comes an increasing need to mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats.

IoT now live

The IoT-enabled railway - Sponsored by Nokia

From smarter and safer stations to predictive maintenance of infrastructure and rolling stock, the modern railway has the potential to transform its operations by embracing IoT sensors, machine learning and AI-driven analytics. Yet realising the potential of such technology in a live railway environment remains a challenge.