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8 Chemin des Aulx
1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Genève

Tel: +41 22 706 1449
Fax: +41 22 794 9478

Email: mkg-info@lem.com
Website: www.lem.com


LEM is the market leader in high-quality measurement of electrical parameters for a broad range of applications in drives and welding, renewable energies and power supplies, smart grid, high precision, traction and automotive.

The rail industry uses LEM’s products for on-board energy measurement, propulsion and auxiliary inverters control, track asset monitoring and improving maintenance infrastructures. We offer a complete range of accurate, reliable and galvanically-isolated transducers for measuring current from 0·1A to 20,000A and voltage from 10V to 6,400V.

Our Geneva head office, LEM Switzerland SA, is IRIS-certified since 2007, as our production sites in Beijing since 2008 and in Sofia since 2016.



  • Traction & Control
  • Electric
    • Converters/inverters
  • Control
    • Electronic components