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Siemens acquires predictive maintenance specialist MRX Technologies

23 Jun 2017

AUSTRALIA: Siemens has announced the acquisition of predictive maintenance specialist MRX Technologies Group for an undisclosed price. The transaction is expected to be completed in early July, with MRX Technologies to be managed as a legally independent business within Siemens’ Mobility Division.

Comprising JRB Engineering, MRX Technologies, MRX Rail Services and MRX Rail Service UK, Perth-based MRX Technologies Group provides condition monitoring for rolling stock and infrastructure.

‘Siemens is focusing on condition-based and predictive maintenance’, said Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO of Siemens' rail service business, when the deal was announced on June 23. ‘The digital monitoring of components and systems combined with the analysis of the resulting big data by our system experts enables these experts to spot sources of problems at an early stage. With the MRX Technologies Group, we are gaining a highly competent partner for collecting a full spectrum of measurement data related to rail systems as the basis of our central diagnostics system.’