EUROPE: Croatian national freight operator HŽ Cargo and its Polish counterpart PKP Cargo have signed a strategic agreement to co-operate in the Baltic–Adriatic corridor.

The two companies plan to develop joint logistics services and expect ‘significant operational synergies’ from improved utilisation of their rolling stock and mutual access to terminals.

‘This is an important step in the strategy of PKP Cargo’s development and expansion in central and southern Europe and making full use of the capacity of the north–south transport corridors’, said PKP Cargo CEO Adam Purwin on March 11. ‘It is our opportunity to gain new customers, not only in the Balkans.’ EU-backed upgrading of Croatian ports offers PKP Cargo ‘the opportunity to increase the scale of intermodal operations and win attractive orders in this rapidly developing market.’

PKP Cargo has a 57% share of the Polish rail freight market, while HŽ Cargo has a share of the Croatian market in excess of 90%.