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Green Cargo moves the same volume with fewer trains

23 Jan 2018

SWEDEN: Green Cargo has begun using Innofreight's larger XXXL containers to deliver wood-based and refuse-derived fuel to Söderenergi’s fuel terminal in Nykvarn, enabling a reduction in the number of trains operated without reducing volumes.

Green Cargo moves the fuel from Töva, Östavall, Ånge, Bastuträsk and Örnsköldsvik to Nykvarn, using double-headed trains of 27 wagons carrying 81 XXXL containers with around 1 600 tonnes of fuel per train. Söderenergi is using an increasing amount of the less dense refuse-derived fuel, and with the XXXL containers Green Cargo can increase the load volume to about 4 500 m3 per train.

‘With larger containers, we’ll be more flexible, reduce the number of trains by 25%, and be more cost-effective’, said Olle Ankarling, Head of Logistics at Söderenergi. ‘This means we’ll also promote traffic reduction on an already heavily burdened rail network, freeing up track capacity for other traffic.’