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Lokotrans timber wagons delivered

12 Nov 2016

RUSSIA: Lokotrans has taken delivery of the first of 250 Type 13-6852 high-capacity timber wagons which are being supplied by United Wagon Co’s TikhvinSpetsMash business in co-operation with its Tikhvin plant.

The 25 tonne axleload bogies mean the can carry a payload of 74 tonnes, and they have a capacity of 122 m3 of 3 to 13 m long timber without needing to heap the load. The wagons can also carry packaged goods, with the side frames providing protection.

‘Given that the market is in a new stage of development, innovative wagons are a competitive advantage’, said Lokotrans CEO Alexey Petrov. ‘It is important not only to deliver freight, but also to optimise the costs and transport time.’