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Red October timber wagons delivered

09 Jun 2018

RUSSIA: United Wagon Co’s TikhvinSpetsMash plant has supplied 50 Type 13-6895 platform wagons to the Red October timber processing factory, which will use them transport logs and sawn wood.

The wagons have 25 tonne axleloads and a capacity of 72·5 tonnes or 155 m3, a 30% to 40% increase on older designs. They are 19·5 m long over the couplers with a 18·85 m loading length, meaning transport costs can be calculated using short wheelbase tariffs, which UWC says ‘radically reduces’  transport costs per cubic metre of freight.

The wagons are designed for a service life of 40 years with box cassette bearings helping to provide an interval of 800 000 km or eight years between scheduled overhauls.