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Smart sleepers could provide real-time data collection

22 Mar 2018

EUROPE: An agreement to co-operate to develop ‘smart’ sleepers containing real-time data collection sensors has been signed by Italian start-up company Greenrail and Spanish technology provider Indra.

The companies are to work together to study the technical and economic viability of the concept, which would integrate Indra’s technology with Greenrail’s sleepers. These combine a prestressed concrete core with an external casing made from recycled rubber and plastic.

Greenrail is also working on sleepers with integrated photovoltaic modules, and LinkBox which integrates control, safety and telecoms devices into the sleepers.

‘Innovation is an essential part of our strategy’, said Manuel Ausaverri, Indra’s Director of Innovation & Strategy. ‘We have created an open innovation model that allows us to collaborate with other companies that can provide differentiating elements to enrich our offer and consolidate our leadership.’