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Work starts on Ostrava airport link

11 Sep 2013

CZECH REPUBLIC: A ceremony was held on September 9 to mark the start of construction on a 2⋅9 km route from Sedlnice to Leoš Janáček Airport outside Ostrava. Due for completion in 2014, the single-track electrified line is being built by Eurovia CS.

The first airport link on the SZDC network is also expected to be used by freight traffic, as a new industrial development close to the airport includes an intermodal terminal. This KC438m project is being funded by the Northern Moravia region.

Viamont DSP has been at work since December 2012 to upgrade and electrify at 3 kV DC the 5⋅6 km single-track route between Sedlnice and the Praha – Ostrava main line at Studénka. Due for completion in December 2013 at a cost of KC327⋅3m, of which 85% is being provided by the European Union, this will see the line speed raised to 100 km/h.