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Central Asian strategic transport plan agreed

05 Nov 2012

ASIA: Meeting at Wuhan in China at the end of October, ministers from the 10 Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Program countries agreed an action plan to implement transport infrastructure projects costing more than US$23bn, together with energy and trade initiatives aimed at improving connectivity.

The majority of the medium-term rail, road and air projects prioritised in the Wuhan Action Plan relate to the six CAREC corridors, which according to the Asian Development Bank are to be developed on a 'voluntary' and 'pragmatic' basis. The action plan is seen as living document which would be updated annually. ADB will act as facilitator.

As well as building new infrastructure, efforts will be made to reduce bureaucratic barriers to cross-border trade and to tackle smuggling. Work is to be undertaken to assess the role of public-private partnerships in the development of transport infrastructure.

Railway priority projects in the CAREC 2020 strategy

Country Project Cost (US$m) Planned implementation
Afghanistan Construction of 62 km fourth stage of (Iran) - Rahzanak/Ghurian - Herat route 125·0 2011-13
Afghanistan Construction of Sherkhan Bandar - Kunduz - Khulm - Naibabad - Andkhvoy - Herat route 450·0 2012-15
Afghanistan Construction of Aqina (Turkmenistan) - Andkhvoy route 75·0 2012-15
Azerbaijan Trade and transport facilitation for Baku - Tbilisi - Kars route project 795·0 2011-14
Kazakhstan Construction of Zhezkazgan - Saksaul'skaya route 2007·0 2012-16
Kazakhstan Almaty - Korgas 1068·0 2012-15
Kyrgyzstan Purchase of equipment for wagon repair and maintenance facility 4·0 2011-12
Kyrgyzstan Rehabilitation of Balykchy - Chaldovar - Lugovaya (Kazakhstan) route 65·6 2011-15
Kyrgyzstan Electrification of Lugovaya (Kazakhstan) - Bishkek route 250·0 2011-16
Mongolia Track maintenance depot 35·0 2012-14
Mongolia Rail operations control centre 57·0 2012-14
Mongolia Passenger station extension 45·0 2012-15
Tajikistan Construction of 40 km Vahdat - Yavan route 180·0 2012-15
Tajikistan Construction of 50 km Kolkhozobod - Dusti - Nizhniy Pyandzh - Afghan border route 90·0 2012-15
Turkmenistan Construction of Dashoguz - Shasenem - Gazojak route 454·0 2013-15
Turkmenistan Construction of Atamurat - Ymamnazar - Aqina route 200·0 2012-13
Uzbekistan Acquisition of new freight and passenger locomotives 122·5 2009-11/2013-14
Uzbekistan Electrification of Qarshi - Termez route 388·0 2012-17
Uzbekistan Navoi - Uchkuduk - Sultanuizdag - Nukus route 149·5 ongoing to 2012
Uzbekistan Doubling and electrification of 93 km Yangiyer - Jizzax route 320·7 2009-13
Uzbekistan Electrification of Marakand - Qarshi route 208·4 2011-16
Uzbekistan Electrification of Marakand - Navoi - Bukhara route 443·9 2014-18