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Feature articles in the March 2019 issue of Railway Gazette International

01 Mar 2019

Feature articles in the latest issue of Railway Gazette International, the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.


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  • Six-year investment bonanza as Irish economy picks up, Amtrak targets Long Island under Penn Access plan, little change in Indian Railways results


  • Rethinking the heart of railway operations
    The smartrail 4.0 programme launched by Swiss Federal Railways is aiming to develop an operations control and command system that will generate more capacity and substantially reduce costs
  • Low power, high performance
    EU-backed research into mixed-criticality technologies has provided an architecture to help reduce the power requirements of lineside object controllers without affecting safety
  • Mobile mapping assists Rodalies resignalling
    Mobile mapping technology has been used to create a 3D point cloud survey of the busy R1 suburban corridor between L’Hospitalet and Mataró in Barcelona ahead of its resignalling with ETCS Level 2
  • IRZ targets international markets
    Russian signalling and telecommunications specialist Izhevskiy Radiozavod has started targeting export markets, offering a wide range of proven technologies which offer a lower-cost alternative to ETCS


  • End of an era
    The government has taken the first steps towards opening the domestic passenger market to competition, but SNCF is already busy preparing itself for the arrival of new entrants as it seeks to deliver cost savings of almost €5bn by 2026
  • Short line operators take more market share
    A handful of short line operators trading as Operateurs Ferroviaires de Proximité has secured a niche in the French rail freight market, but industrial action on the national network during 2018 may have damaged their long-term prospects.
  • Innovation eases vehicle maintenance
    Technologies to improve the maintenance of rolling stock were among the highlights unveiled by SNCF at its Innovmat event on February 6. Jean-Paul Masse reports

In Focus

  • Repoint Light demonstrator completed
    An innovative turnout mechanism being developed in the UK is now on test and ready to go to market
  • Expanding rail’s reach in South Korea
    The success of high speed travel in the Seoul – Busan corridor has led South Korea to embrace the concept and expand services to other cities across the peninsula. Benjámin Zelki reports
  • Reach any city in half a day
    Hyungik Cho, Vice-President for Passenger Transport at Korea Railroad Corp, discusses Korail’s development projects with Benjámin Zelki

Research & skills

  • Rajasthan test track, DB launches digital research train


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  • A report issued by the International Energy Agency has highlighted rail’s key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector

Railway Gazette International is the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.