GERMANY: Pesa officially handed over its first diesel multiple-units for a German customer on June 16. The handover of Link DMUs to Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn at Berlin Friedrichstrasse coincided with a congress marking 25 years since Poland and Germany signed a bilateral co-operation treaty. After the official presentation, two coupled units set out on an inaugural run to Potsdam.

In August 2013 NEB ordered seven two-car and two three-car Link DMUs for €27m. The first units were provisionally handed over on March 19.

NEB intends to use the units on services between Berlin and Kostrzyń in Poland, with an extension to Gorzów Wielkopolski eventually envisaged. They were initially due to enter service with the December 2015 timetable change, but this has been delayed because of the certification process. As well as being certified to operate in Poland, the Link is the first Polish-built DMU certified by the German federal railway office EBA. Certification of the two-car units was completed on June 3, and the three-car versions are expected to be certified by the end of the year. Five two-car DMUs have already been delivered.

Each two-car DMU has two MTU Type 6H 1800 R85L 390 kW engines that meet Euro IIIB emission regulations, enabling a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The DMUs are 43·73 m long, 2 880 mm wide and 4·28 m high with 92 fixed and 48 tip-up seats. There is also space for 80 standing passengers, two wheelchairs and 12 bicycles. CCTV, air-conditioning, and PRM accessible toilet and an audio-visual passenger information system are also fitted.

In addition to NEB, DB has a framework agreement for up to 450 Link DMUs, of which 49 three-car and 22 two-car sets have already been ordered. The longer units will feature MTU Type 12V 1600 R70 565 kW engines. Deliveries are due to begin this year.