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Customisable trams, predictive maintenance and local partnerships

24 Jun 2014

ALSTOM: The latest version of the Citadis tram family, two Coradia regional multiple-units, a freight locomotive, a predictive maintenance tool and the Atlas range of ERTMS technology will the highlights of Alstom’s indoor and outdoor presence at InnoTrans 2014.

Alstom will reveal a version of its Citadis tram which it says will be ‘more comfortable, more spacious, more accessible than ever before’, with additional options for customisation to suit the unique requirements of individual cities.

Alstom’s predictive maintenance tool has been developed to reduce lifecycle costs by monitoring the condition of equipment and forecasting remaining usage times in order to optimise availability and maintenance costs.

The updated versions of the Atlas range of ERTMS products are designed for scalability, whether deployed on low or high-density networks.

Visitors to Alstom’s stand will also be able to find out more about Alstom's latest projects. These include the huge contract to supply commuter trains to South Africa’s PRASA, where Alstom was able to adapt to the specific features of the market and make an offer as part of a joint venture with local partners which will help to develop the social and economic fabric of the country.