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Fast internet means satisfied passengers

29 Feb 2012

CZECH REPUBLIC: Nomad Digital is supplying on-train wireless internet technology for the five Stadler Flirt trains which Leo Express has ordered for its planned launch of Praha - Ostrava open access services in December.

Nomad said the wi-fi system based on its R3500 router will aggregate all available GSM networks to provide passengers with 'a far more consistent internet experience' than a 3G network subscription. The system will also offer onboard payment services, and provide real-time travel and train location information for display on 19 LCD screens per train. 

'We look forward to delivering a great passenger wi-fi solution as part of Leo Express's commitment to providing an enhanced passenger experience', said Leo Express Chairman Leos Novotny. 'Fast internet access will bring many more satisfied customers.' 

  • Leo Express founder Leos Novotny explained his ambitions for the open access operator in the October 2011 issue of Railway Gazette International, which subscribers can access in the digital archive.