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Feature articles in the August 2018 issue of Railway Gazette International

12 Aug 2018

Feature articles in the latest issue of Railway Gazette International, the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.


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  • Auditors examine ‘ineffective patchwork’ of European high speed lines, dedicated Orlando – Tampa passenger line proposed, India seeks to standardise metros

North America

  • A lean mean transport machine 
     With road congestion growing in Utah’s Wasatch Front, an efficient commuter rail operation has become an essential element in the local transport mix. David Lustig reports
  • Building a permanent presence 
     Building on a series of orders for diesel multiple-units, Stadler has committed to a long-term presence in the North American market with a local assembly plant in Utah
  • From new build to rebuild 
     The major locomotive builders are taking a renewed interest in the refurbishment market
  • NAFTA underpins Mexican freight growth 
     Investment continues apace in the Mexican freight market despite the uncertainties over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Enrique Collantes Calvo investigates

Track maintenance

  • The quest for quieter trams 
     A survey of light rail network operators has been undertaken under the Shift2Rail programme as part of a research initiative seeking to develop more effective noise mitigation methods for urban rail routes passing through city centres
  • Compact miller targets a mix of applications 
     Due to be launched at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin, Vossloh Rail Services’ compact Multi Purpose Milling machine is designed to remove deep rail defects on short track sections on main line, metro and light rail networks
  • Infrastructure specialists gather in Berlin 
     An array of innovations in infrastructure maintenance, railway construction and digital monitoring will be on show at this year’s InnoTrans show taking place in Berlin on September 18-21

In Focus

  • Towards a quality-driven approach to axle protection 
     The European Railway Wheelset Association is seeking to enhance the quality of axle production and wheelset maintenance by introducing a voluntary guideline on axle coatings
  • From ‘find & fix’ to ‘predict & prevent’ 
     UK infrastructure maintenance contractor Balfour Beatty has opened a Rail Innovation Centre near Derby
  • Signs of progress in island revival 
     Modernisation of Sri Lanka’s railway system is gathering pace with work starting on electrifying suburban corridors around Colombo. Rohan Gunasekera reports

Research & skills

  • Skills on the agenda at European CEOs summit, New South Wales launches research hub


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  • Russian Railways operated more than 700 special trains for football fans during the recent FIFA World Cup competition

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