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Feature articles in the December 2018 issue of Railway Gazette International

01 Dec 2018

Feature articles in the latest issue of Railway Gazette International, the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.


  • Delivering infrastructure still matters


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  • EU policymakers seek to strengthen passengers’ rights, India’s Dedicated Freight Corridors come on stream, SBB looks beyond ETCS

The future of rail

  • Looking towards a multimodal future
    The transport sector is going through a period of rapid change, driven primarily by digitalisation and decarbonisation, with a growing emphasis on multimodality. Nick Kingsley asked a panel of rail, logistics and technology specialists how rail should adapt to secure its role in the future mobility landscape
  • ‘Rail needs no lectures on innovation’
    Urban rail faces its own challenges, which are similar yet different from those being addressed by long-distance operators, according to the rail team at UITP
  • How to restore Europe’s missing border links
    A study for the European Commission finds that reinstating international services across borders may not be as difficult or as expensive as previously thought
  • JR East on the path of change
    Earlier this year, the board of East Japan Railway adopted a 10-year vision entitled Move UP 2027. This is expected to begin a 30-year transformation of the railway into a lifestyle service company that can meet the changing needs of a declining and ageing population, as JR East President & CEO Yuji Fukasawa explains

Poland & Belarus

  • Chinese backing underpins investment
    The Belarusian government is seeking to exploit the burgeoning market for Eurasian transit freight by investing in its domestic network and electrifying its principal routes. Toma Bačić investigates
  • Pesa plans a new future
    Pesa is starting a new chapter as a takeover deal is finalised. The company’s president Krzysztof Sędzikowski sees a bright future ahead

In Focus

  • Caucasian crossroads looks east and west
    With a main line upgrading project due to be completed in 2019, Georgian Railway is looking to expand its Eurasian transit business
  • Sheffield brings tram-train model to the UK
    The UK’s first tram-train route opened for service on October 25, linking Sheffield with Rotherham, as part of a much-delayed pilot programme
  • Automation drives an urban revolution
    Digitalisation, automatic train control and passenger information systems are starting to converge as the backbone to enable demand-responsive urban rail operations. Chris Jackson reports from the Smart Metro conference in Paris

Research & skills

  • Smarter approach to flood prevention, India signs skills sharing agreements with Russia


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Conference Report

  • Research and innovation have a vital role to play in revitalising rail freight and encouraging modal shift, according to a new agenda launched by the European supply sector in October.

Railway Gazette International is the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.