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Feature articles in the May 2019 issue of Railway Gazette International

05 May 2019

Feature articles in the latest issue of Railway Gazette International, the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.


  • Bridging the skills gap


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  • Suburban standoff in South Africa, Austria and Russia make case for broad gauge to Wien, another New York Gateway setback


  • Making the case for change: After a difficult 2018 and with passenger satisfaction levels falling, the UK rail sector is at another turning point
  • Putting the customer first: The Williams Rail Review suggests that further reforms will be needed to make the UK rail sector ‘truly customer-centric’
  • ‘Operations must be our core focus’: Appointed as Network Rail Chief Executive last year, Andrew Haines is pushing through a comprehensive restructuring of the infrastructure manager
  • Rethinking rail in the community: The West Midlands Rail Executive and franchisee West Midlands Trains are starting to reshape urban and regional rail services around Birmingham, reports Tony Miles
  • Securing the future of the Caledonian Sleeper: By the middle of next month, Anglo-Scottish overnight trains should all be operated using a fleet of CAF Mk V hauled coaches
  • Building on a decade of success: Networking and education group Young Rail Professionals has developed an important role in a fragmented UK rail sector
  • Railtex returns: The UK’s premier exhibition of railway equipment, systems and services takes place in Birmingham this month

Training & Skills

  • Driving across borders: The Rastatt tunnel collapse in 2017 highlighted the lack of progress that has been made in enabling drivers to take trains across borders
  • Making the case for high speed rail: A UIC-led partnership of academic institutions is researching the societal and technical aspects of high speed rail investment
  • Building bonds in Brugge: The European Training Centre for Railways provides existing and future managers with an overview of European transport legislation and rail sector developments
  • Eliminating errors in component installation: An online configuration tool could help to ease the challenge of designing the right interface connectors for rail applications

In Focus

  • Towards a greener future: India’s national railway electrification programme is surging ahead, with more than 5 300 route-km wired in 2018-19
  • Diesel to electric conversion offers multiple paybacks: Indian Railways is embarking on a strategy to convert diesel locomotives to electric traction

Research & skills

  • Thai driver licensing scheme, university research hub to share HS2 depot site


  • People
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  • Calum Leslie of Keolis UK reflects on what he learned from a two-week exchange visit with JR Central

Railway Gazette International is the leading business journal for railway operators and suppliers, read in 140 countries. Subscribe to Railway Gazette International today.