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Feature articles in the November 2013 issue of Railway Gazette International

01 Nov 2013


  • Think international, think commercial


  • Main Line
  • Urban Rail
  • Market
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  • Back under one roof in France
  • Eurostar wins from Fyra fallout
  • Uruguay’s open access vision


  • Ensuring that rail delivers
    The AusRail Plus event in Sydney on November 26-28 will address the theme of ‘driving down the costs of rail’, explains Australasian Railway Association CEO Brian Nye
  • Getting the budget right
    Establishing a budget envelope at an early stage can help to ensure that major rail projects are fundable, whilst benchmarking will increase confidence that the out-turn cost target will be met
  • One bite at a time
    Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins outlines to John Kirk the challenges he faces in reinvigorating the suburban network


  • Driving innovation down under
    The 10th World Congress on Railway Research takes place in Sydney on November 24-28, the first time that WCRR has been held in Australia
  • Shift2Rail deadline looms
    With the formal legislative proposals due to be published shortly, funding and governance remain at the heart of discussions over the European Shift2Rail joint technology initiative
  • Tested to destruction
    Load testing with a redundant bridge truss suggests that some bridges may have substantial reserves of strength
  • Modelling the root causes of gearbox failure
    Romax Technology has developed software to analyse gearbox failures on diesel multiple-units
  • Rail’s role in the seamless journey
    The All Ways Travelling consortium is seeking to develop a pan-European retail and fulfilment model to enable easy booking of cross-border journeys involving multiple transport modes
  • Don’t forget the multimodal trips
    Mixed-mode journeys need to be taken into account when developing integrated transport demand models

In focus

  • Pick-and-mix offers flexible formations
    The first complete Regio 2N trainset was unveiled at Bombardier’s plant at Crespin near Valenciennes on September 25
  • Riding the renaissance of rail
    More than 8 000 visitors attended the second Railway Interchange gathering at the Indianapolis Convention Center from September 29 to October 3

Tools & small plant

  • Mobile power pack enhanced
  • Stabilising axle developed for railmounted excavators


  • People
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  • Having survived some difficult decades, America’s Class I freight railroads are now investing heavily, says Norfolk Southern Chairman Wick Moorman

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