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Flushing out faster

24 Jun 2014

CHINA: Smith Brothers & Webb is to install its Britannia automated emptying system for controlled-emission train toilets at the future Shek Kong high speed train depot on Hong Kong’s Express Rail Link.

This will be able to evacuate 800 l of effluent in 8 sec, allowing a single operative to clean the tanks on a 12-car high speed train in 10 min. There will be three installations at the depot, with a fourth as back-up.

‘The speed and ease of use of the new Britannia CET system makes it particularly attractive for high speed trains’, said Smith Brothers & Webb Chairman Harvey Alexander.

‘With more trains now running at night there is less time available for maintenance. Consequently we have already received a number of enquiries from train operators who are moving toward more of a 24 h a day service. Operators want swift turnarounds of trains, and this fully-automated Britannia CET certainly delivers - it can empty three times as many tanks as a conventional model in the same time.’