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01 Mar 2003

Czech Republic: CD has called tenders for the supply of 20 four-axle 200 km/h tri-voltage electric locos. Financed by Eurofima, they are due to enter service in 2004.

China: Scott Wilson Railways is to carry out design for Hong Kong's fourth cross-harbour rail tunnel, carrying KCRC's East Kowloon line between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Denmark: DSB has taken delivery of 12 Siemens Desiro two-car DMUs worth €33m under a four-year lease from Angel Trains International, for use on Ødense - Svendborg services.

Europe: Sener and Ferconsult have been awarded a €539400 contract to study the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of building a high speed line between Vigo and Porto, also taking freight traffic into consideration. The study has been awarded by AVEP, the joint high speed project office formed by GIF of Spain and RAVE of Portugal (RG 11.02 p669).

Locomotion Capital has ordered seven Vossloh G2000 and four G1000 diesel locos for delivery this year, to be leased to European operators. Two G1206s are being leased to HGK of Germany, and one G1206 is being certified for use by Strukton in the Netherlands.

France: SNCF has ordered an additional 73 AGC trainsets from Bombardier Transportation for €240m; they will be delivered from November 2006 for use on regional TER services (p143). This brings to 265 the total ordered under a contract for up to 500 signed in December 2001.

Fret SNCF is to lease an additional 15 Class 461000 diesel locomotives, which should bring the number of Vossloh-built units in service to 23 by the end of this year. At total of 55 Class 427000 electric locos should be delivered by Alstom this year at a rate of five per month.

Germany: Marconi has been awarded a contract by DB to modernise telecommuications at Lübeck by October, using both Marconi multiplex technology and third-party systems.

Erfurter Industriebahn has ordered two more RS1 Regio-Shuttle DMUs from Stadler-Pankow. To be delivered in June, they will bring the EIG Regio-Shuttle fleet to 43 units.

Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH has ordered 10 Type G1206 Bo-Bo diesel locomotives from Vossloh Schienenfahrzeugtechnik for delivery from September 2003 to January 2004.

India: The Railway Board has signed a memorandum of understanding to source longer rails and rail panels from Steel Authority of India. Corus is technology consultant for the project.

Italy: Trenitalia has placed a SKr2m order with Åkerstr