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Metro Report 2002

01 Jun 2002

SUBSCRIBERS will receive with this issue a copy of our annual supplement Metro Report. Non-subscribers may purchase copies separately at £30 by contacting Esco Business Services (details on p281), or using the order form on our web site

This year's edition includes an analysis of light rail, tram and metro routes under construction; over 1200 km of new lines have been identified. Driverless operations are covered in two articles, one describing the VAL mini-metro in Rennes, the other the U-Bahn in Nürnberg. Here driverless trains will share tracks with manually-driven services - something not yet attempted elsewhere.

Readers will also find an update on the low-floor tram market and reports from 12 cities across the world. Of special interest is the description of metro Line 9 in Barcelona, which is being built as a single large-diameter bored tunnel housing two running lines on separate decks. The bore is large enough to accommodate stations and turnbacks on both levels.