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MPV launched

01 Apr 2002

ITALIAN construction equipment supplier Gallmac has expanded its range of rail construction equipment with the launch of its RMW 115 road-rail multi-purpose vehicle. This is derived from the company's WMW 115 hydraulic excavator, fitted with retractable rail guide wheels 500mm in diameter.

Capable of carrying a shovel, fork lift or other tools on its hydraulic arm, the RMW 115 weighs 11 tonnes. The vehicle is powered by a Perkins four-cylinder 1004-40T diesel engine, which powers both the hydraulic equipment and the separate transmission.

The closed-circuit automotive-style hydrostatic transmission operating at 420 bar drives the rear axle, giving a top speed of 26 km/h. Brakes and parking brakes are incorporated into the fixed front axle, leaving the rear axle free to float. When operating in the rail mode, the unit is able to climb grades of 34·5%.

Gallmac is currently planning to develop a road-rail version of its larger 15-tonne WMW 150 multi-functional machine.

Gallmac, Italy

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