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Nanning - Kunming line opens

01 Jan 1998

CHINESE Railways held ceremonies at Xingyi in Guizhou province on December 2 to mark the opening of its electrified line between Nanning and Kunming. Construction of the 898 km trunk line began in 1991, and tracklaying was completed in March (RG 5.97 p271). Traffic on the corridor is initially estimated at 10 million tonnes a year, rising later to around 30 million tonnes.

The previous day, work began on a 120 km electrified branch to link three coalfields with the new line, producing around 20 million tonnes of traffic per year. Funded by the Ministries of Railways and Coal and Guizhou province, the line is due for completion at the end of 1999. It runs south from Liupanshui on the Guiyang - Kunming line to Baiguo, from where an existing branch will be upgraded to feed trafic onto the Nanning line at Hongguo.

* Chinese Premier Li Peng attended ceremonies at Huanghua on November 25 to mark the start of work on the 586 km Suzhou - Huanghua line and a new harbour to serve the Shenmu export coal market. With a design capacity of 68million tonnes a year, the heavy-haul route is due to be open between Suzhou and the Beijing - Kowloon corridor in 2000 and on to Huanghua by 2003.