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Poles no longer apart

01 Apr 2002

BOMBARDIER Transportation has reached agreement with Polish State Railways over the purchase of high-performance EU11 electric locomotives, originally ordered from Adtranz on December 23 1996. The contract was for 50, of which eight were to have been dual-voltage units able to accept 15 kV 162/3Hz as well as PKP's 3 kV DC supply. But more than five years later, PKP still has none of the 200 km/h locos in service.

Under the deal agreed by the PKP board on February 26, only 18 will now go to PKP. The price of the revised contract was not revealed, but estimates suggest it is worth 200m zlotys. As Bombardier's Pafawag works has already assembled 29 locos, the other 11 are in search of an owner. Our correspondent reports this may be open access operator Rail Traction Co of Italy, where the national network also uses 3 kV DC. PKP may take up to 24 more locos if its financial situation improves.

One idea had been for GATX-owned tank wagon leasing company Dyrekcja Eksploatacji Cystern to buy the locos and lease them to PKP, but this has now been dropped.