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RATP buys broadband net

01 Apr 2002

PARIS Transport Authority is upgrading its video surveillance system to reduce operating costs and enhance security. RATP has selected Marconi to build a €14m multi-service broadband network for video surveillance, voice communications and advanced data services. Able to integrate with legacy technology, the packet-based system will support up to 6000 cameras, 300 video monitors, 400 telephone exchanges, 40000 phone lines and 1500 local area networks, forming one of Europe's largest Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks. ASX-200BX multi-service edge switches will be installed at 500 metro, rail and bus stations.

To enter service from this summer, the network will also provide services to passengers, including internet access and an internal video channel. Marconi is to provide traffic management, engineering, performance and quality guarantees.

  • Bombardier is to use a Marconi communications network for the 64-car, 8 km automated peoplemover at Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport. A single scaleable digital network will provide operational and emergency communications, video surveillance and storage, and control functions.


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