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Safety prioritised

01 Apr 2003

AROUND 60 % of safety and security problems caused by users of Netherlands Railways are attributed to people without tickets. With a view to tackling this situation, fines for fare dodging are to be increased, and access to platforms at some stations is to be controlled by barriers operated by smart cards.

Shops are being encouraged to open at stations, bringing more people to the premises and improving passengers' sense of security (p222). 1500 CCTV cameras are now in place on the network, and 3000 more are to be installed. Lighting will be improved and stations cleaned to create a better waiting environment.

900 additional revenue protection staff have been recruited, and there are plans to increase further the number of on-train staff. The capabilities and powers of the railway police force will also be increased to tackle any future problems.

H Amsterdam transport authority GVB has received €218m to develop local transport, with a particular focus on personal security and accessibility.