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Security in Brief

01 Apr 2002

The South African cabinet has approved the creation of a dedicated special police unit covering rail, sea, air and taxi facilities.

London Underground and British Transport Police have awarded Tyco a contract to install 550 CCTV cameras in 58 station car parks. The cameras will be linked to control centres at West Ham, Finsbury Park and Wembley Park.

Vista has launched the VPCMH32 day/night low-cost CCTV camera suitable for 24 h surveillance of stations and other areas. Based on the Hyper HAD CCD chip, it offers TV line resolution of 330 in colour mode, and 380 in monochrome.

British Train operator South Central is planning to equip its fleet of Class 455 and 456 EMUs with CCTV.

To deter assaults, 130dB personal alarms are being issued to First Great Western staff at Reading and Swansea stations, in a three-month trial.

SNT Group has developed the Duo-Link video modem, capable of providing a clear signal path for two real-time analogue picture signals from any CCTV camera over a single coaxial cable.

British Transport Police is using permanent ultra-violet marker pens supplied by Markitwise to inscribe postcodes on property invisibly. Customer-designed record cards are used to store details of valuables.

Ascom has supplied eight ticket-operated gates for AirTrain's Newark Airport station, to increase revenue collection and prevent vandalism.

West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority has agreed a £1·9m package to link station CCTV cameras on two routes to a Network Safety & Security Centre in central Birmingham.

Tyne & Wear Metro operator Nexus has awarded St James Security a three-year contract to provide security guards for the maintenance depot and operations office.

Alstom Class 175 DMUs used by First North Western feature CCTV cameras both inside and outside the train, to record trespass and vandalism and deter anti-social behaviour.

Loronix Information Systems' CCTVware has been installed at Birmingham New Street station by Fourway Communication. Images from 250 CCTV cameras are automatically written to CD for viewing on a PC, and overwritten 31 days later.

EADS Telecom has developed the M1600 secure digital radio package for voice and data communication. Designed for use by a closed group of staff in areas such as stations, it can be scaled as the network grows, and used to migrate from an analogue to digital technology.

Omniglow is supplying chemiluminescent light sticks to First Great Western for use as portable emergency lighting in carriages. The sticks do not require batteries, using a non-toxic, non-flammable, chemical reaction to generate light for about 2 h. The 150mm long sticks were developed for rail applications in conjunction with Amtrak.

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