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Swedish studies launched

18 Aug 2008

SWEDEN: Banverket has reached agreement with the local authorities in Västra Götaland, Jönköping and Östsam to undertake a preliminary study of the proposed Götalandsbanan line between Borås and Linköping, which w ould form part of the proposed Stockholm - Göteborg high speed line.

The study is intended to identify more detailed route options within a general corridor, with a particular focus on how the line should serve the towns of Jönköping, Ulricehamn and Borås, balancing issues of accessibility and intrusion in the built-up areas. Banverket is funding half of the cost, with the three regions providing the remainder.

Meanwhile, Banverket is holding public consultations until September 19 on two route options for the Robertsfors - Skellefteå - Ostvik section of the proposed Norrbotniabanan between Umeå and Luleå in the north of Västerbotten. Banverket says it favours the eastern alternative, as the western route is longer, and would be more expensive to build. A formal decision is expected by the end of this year.