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South West Trains places Juniper order

01 Jun 1997

UK: Contracts were exchanged on May 9 for GEC Alsthom to supply Porterbrook Leasing Co with 30 four-car electric multiple-units for lease to South West Trains - both SWT and Porterbrook are Stagecoach subsidiaries. First delivery will be in September next year, and five sets will be available for the summer timetable in May 1999. All 30 should be in service by April 2000.

Intended mainly for services between London Waterloo and Reading, the 160 km/h trains will be built to GEC Alsthom's standard Juniper design and customised to Porterbrook-SWT specifications. Each set will have 266 standard and 24 first class seats, two wheelchair spaces, two toilets and racks for two bicycles. Power doors will be from Tebel or Faiveley, and SIG may supply the end-of-set retractable gangways. Roof-mounted air-conditioning packs using heat-pump technology will come from Soprano, part of the Alcatel group.

The Onix 800 traction package for 750V DC third rail operation features IGBTs, three-phase motors powering one bogie on three of the cars, and rheostatic and regenerative braking, although Railtrack's power supply infrastructure cannot yet accept this. Bodyshells of carbon steel will have mechanically fastened ends.

Total order value is £100m, of which £10m is a seven-year contract for GEC Alsthom to supply materials to SWT, which will maintain the trains. o

Contract facts

  • 30 four-car trains
  • First delivered May 1999
  • All in service by April 2000
  • 160 km/h
  • 266 standard/24 first seats
  • Onix 800 traction package
  • Total value: £100m, (includes £10m spares supply deal)