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Turkish steelmaker orders wheel production line

03 Sep 2013

TURKEY: German metalworking equipment supplier Schuler has announced the largest single order in its history, a €90m contract to supply Kardemir Iron Steel Industry & Trade Co with a wheel production line with a capacity of 200 000 wheels/year.

This is the second order for Schuler's recently developed rolling machine, which produces wheels from pre-forged 500 kg blanks. The contract includes machining and testing equipment, as well as a heat treatment line which is to be supplied by Andritz Maerz, part of the Andritz Group which owns a majority stake in Schuler.

'This order confirms our successful strategic diversification into promising market segments like railway and underlines our high technological expertise', said Schuler CEO Stefan Klebert.

Kardemir is based in Karabürk, around 200 km north of Ankara, where it manufactures steel products including rails and turnouts. 'We aim to make Karabürk the centre of Turkey's railway industry,' said Kardemir's CEO Fadil Demirel. 'With our high quality steel, we are able to produce top class forged wheels which meet the needs of a high-speed rail network'.