THE Valencia regional government has awarded the Iberinsa consultancy a Pts300m contract to undertake project development for the proposed Line 5 of the city’s metro network. With 2·5 km in tunnel and the remainder running as light rail on the surface, this 4·7 km route would connect Alameda on Line 3 with Balcón del Mar, a redevelopment project in the city’s port area which will incorporate a major shopping centre.

Line 5 would be operated with dual-mode vehicles able to operate over Line 3 metro tracks. At the western end, the service would continue to Manises Airport over a new route from Mislata-Almassil. The 2·4 km section of Line 3 from Avenida del Cid to Mislata-Almassil with intermediate stations at Nou d’Octubre and Mislata opened on May 22, having cost a total of Pts8bn. n