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VR orders more

01 Aug 2002

FINNISH Railways announced on June 26 that it had exercised two options to buy additional rolling stock from Alstom. The first, worth €115m, is for eight 220 km/h six-car Pendolino tilting trains to be delivered from spring 2004.

The second is for a further 20 Class Sr4 suburban EMUs for operation on the routes from Helsinki to Riihimäki and Karjaa, and is valued at €110m. Drawn from Alstom's Coradia family, with partial low floors, the units will be the same as an initial build of 10 ordered in 1996. Delivery will begin in May 2004.

Formed of two 26·8m aluminium-bodied cars, the units will have a top speed of 160 km/h and regenerative braking. Each set will carry 184 seated and 100 standing passengers. Floors will be 580mm above the railhead. There will be a wheelchair-accessible toilet, as well as cycle space, air-conditioning and passenger information displays.

  • VR is to start work on refurbishing its 50 Sm2 suburban EMUs next year, following feedback from a prototype rolled out in June; the 50 older Class Sm1 units have already been refurbished.