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HIMA signs Indonesia signalling technology contract

17 Aug 2017

INDONESIA: HIMA has signed a €1·74m contract to provide signalling equipment supplier PT Len with SIL4-certified commercial-off-the-shelf HiMatrix and HiMax safety controllers.

HIMA said a major factor in winning the contract was its use of an open architecture which would enable PT Len to integrate HIMA’s technology with its legacy systems and equipment from other vendors.

‘In the railway industry, COTS safety controllers are becoming the standard, particularly for interlocking and signalling technology as they have considerable advantages over proprietary technology’, said Friedhelm Best, HIMA Vice-President for Asia Pacific, on August 17. ‘The decentralised interlocking and signalling systems offer greater flexibility and are not burdened by the unnecessary, overly complex functions that so often plagued proprietary systems.’