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Reducing vibration from vehicle-mounted equipment

01 Nov 2017

VIBRATION: The passenger areas of rolling stock can be isolated from vibrations caused by underfloor or roof-mounted equipment such as air-conditioning units using the Isotop DZE Railway spring and damper developed by Getzner Werkstoffe.

This has a height of 45 mm and can be optimised to reduce the propagation of structure-borne noise from loads of 50 to 1 000 kg. ‘For HVAC units, we can guarantee an insulating effect up to 12 dB higher than when using rubber-metal products’, says Product Manager Thomas Gamsjäger.

The stainless steel housing and end-to-end axle can withstand strong horizontal forces such as those from emergency braking, while the weather resistance and low settling behaviour offer a longer service life than rubber-metal elements. ‘Our materials are used in railway infrastructure where a life expectancy of up to 50 years is required’, explains Gamsjäger. ‘We are more-or-less able to rule out brittleness or hardening with crack formation and undesirable settling.’

Isotop DZE Railway can also be used to protect sensitive components in units and switch cabinets, or for transporting goods which are sensitive to vibration and impact.