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AnsaldoBreda IC2 trainsets find new home

07 Nov 2017

ROMANIA: Open access passenger operator Astra Trans Carpatic hopes to obtain certification from national railway authority AFER shortly which would enable it to put into service the first of three AnsaldoBreda IC2 diesel multiple–units it has acquired from Denmark’s national operator DSB.

Subject to the successful introduction of these three DMUs, Astra Trans Carpatic plans to acquire a further 12 of the 23 two–car IC2s which were withdrawn by DSB in 2016 owing to poor reliability.

Astra Trans Carpatic currently operates locomotive–hauled trains on the Arad – Sighișoara  – Braşov  – București  route, and plans to launch București – Craiova – Timisoara – Arad and București – Braşov services with the December 10 timetable change. It also plans to start București – Titu, Arad – Timișoara, Timișoara  – Baia Mare, București  – Bacău  and București – Constanta services in March and April 2018, followed by a summer–only Arad – Timișoara – Craiova – București – Constanta train.